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Hair care in Lutry , Lausanne

Fortifying Oxygenating Treatment Package with Micro-Puncture Lab©

From 250 CHF

This treatment is made for you if your hair looks devitalized and your scalp is tired. This treatment includes 5 sessions during which active regenerating ingredients are injected, stimulating healthier hair growth.

A woman having a fortifying and oxygenating Biologique Recherche treatment for the scaklp

Hair mesotherapy

Starting at 250 CHF

Is your hair tired, dull, brittle? We can boost them by injecting a cocktail of regenerating vitaminized active ingredients into your scalp. This allows your hair to grow faster, stronger and shinier.

Mesotherapy for hair

Oxygenating - strengthening treatment

Comin soon

This treatment oxygenates and strengthens your hair.

We recommend 5 sessions of Micro-Puncture Lab© for optimal results.

Woman look at herself in the miroir and need hair treatment

Sebum-regulating treatment

Coming soon

This treatment helps regulate your scalp if you suffer from excess sebum production. It gently purifies and cleanses your scalp.

Hair treatment for sebum regulation

Dry Dandruff Balancing Treatment

Coming soon

Dandruff is a common and unattractive problem. This treatment helps fight dry flakes and rebalances your scalp.

Hair treatment for Dry dandruff

Oily Dandruff Balancing Treatment

Coming soon

Dandruff can come from an overly oily scalp. This treatment helps to rebalance it and eliminate flaking.

Hair treatment for oily dandruff scalp

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