Face care - Biologique Recherche®

Customized Biologique Recherche® care.

Starting at 160 CHF

This customized treatment adapts perfectly to your Skin's Instant. Our professionals perform advanced manual techniques and use specific machines to make sure you achieve the results you want for your skin.

Customized Biologique Recherche® Facial in Lausanne Lutry

Restructuring Booster and Facial Smoothing

Starting at 220 CHF

Is your skin damaged and sensitive? Get a manual facial massage as well as the application of royal jelly, silk and hyaluronic acid to regenerate, hydrate and soothe your skin.

Restructuring Booster and smoothing Facial in Lausanne Lutry

CVS Facial Lift Booster

Starting at 220 CHF

Enjoy the benefits of micro-crystalline algae, silk extracts and natural amino acids to purify, firm and brighten your face's skin. This anti-aging treatment also includes specific massage techniques that will help you reshape the contour of your face.

CVS Facial Lift Booster in Lausanne Lutry

VIPO2 Facial Booster

Starting at 220 CHF

Is your skin tone dull because of pollution? Restore its radiance with this treatment.

It oxygenates skin tissue and stimulates the epidermis to make your skin more radiant and bright.

VIPO2 Facial Booster in Lausanne Lutry

MC 110 Facial Booster

Starting at 220 CHF

This treatment helps you get rid of wrinkles on your face, neck and neckline. Your skin is toned and redefined! 

We recommend three sessions spaced one week apart for best results. You will need to repeat the procedure every four months.

MC 110 Facial Booster in Lausanne Lutry

SECOND SKIN TREATMENT - Anti-aging treatment with exceptional lifting effect.

Starting at 350 CHF

If you are looking for a treatment that effectively treats the signs of aging, you found it! This exceptional lifting treatment is a great alternative to dermal fillers and its results are visible. It uses sterile patches containing 80% electroshaped hyaluronic acid.

second skin treatment with Biologique Recherche products done in Lutry Lausanne

TRIPLE LIFT TREATMENT - An exceptional resculpting and toning treatment

375 CHF

This treatment combines two lifting boosters and Bio-Sculpt Remodeling Face technology to remodel, plump and lift your face. Your wrinkles are smoothed out and your face's contours are redefined.

triple lift facial treatment with Biologique Recherche products done in Lutry Lausanne

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