A woman showing her back after a body treatment

Body care - Biologique Recherche® in Lausanne - Lutry

Biologique Recherche - P50 "New Skin" Treatment

95 CHF

Does your skin need to be refreshed and regenerated? This treatment exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin's cells so that it feels softer, even and hydrated.

Lady having a Biologique Recherche body treatment- P50 "New Skin" in Lausanne-Lutry

Biologique Recherche – Body Lift Treatment

295 CHF

Enjoy a body lift treatment using a combination of Bio - Reflex massage and silk and microcrystalline algae extracts.

Body lift treatement performed on a lady's leg

Biologique Recherche - Anti C Slimming Treatment

Starting at 175 CHF

This treatment is specially designed for those who want to slim down. Lipogen AC promotes fat loss, reduces water retention and helps get rid of cellulite.

Anti C Slimming Treatment performed on a lady's belly in Lausanne-Lutry

Biologique Recherche - Algue Detox Body Wrap

125 CHF

This treatment detoxifies and purifies your body. It helps eliminate toxins, fat and excess water. Your figure will become more toned and you will feel more fit.

Beautician applying algues preparation for detox body wrap

Biologique Recherche - Belly detox massage

65 CHF

This body treatment massage uses a blend of sub-umbilical oils: cedar, juniper, pine and clove. Their properties detoxify the body, improve transit and strengthen pelvic muscles.

Client having a belly detox massage of Biologique Recherche

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